Bourbon Blue Book

Welcome to the old Bourbon Blue Book. We have now relaunched at The new site allows automated transaction entry and automates the pricing by averaging the most recent 5 transactions.

Any bookmarks that lead here should be updated to reflect the correct domain.

Thank you for your contributions.


43 Responses to Bourbon Blue Book

  1. adam dees says:

    what about the valley tan release from highwest. the new one not to the public?

    • jsbull says:

      If something hasn’t been reported as sold, we can’t list it. Except for some bottles that swap hands regularly, most barrel selects or private releases won’t be listed here.

  2. Jamison says:

    Can you give us an idea of what the Old St. Nicks sell for please. I have heard that they are readily available in certain African countries like South Africa, Egypt, and Morroco.

    • jsbull says:

      Sorry, but I have a policy that I don’t give out pricing info until I get enough data to release it publicly. If I did, I’d be overwhelmed with private inquiries.

      Hopefully I’ll get some additional data and be able to publish it soon.

    • Jax says:

      I saw none in South Africa, but I can’t promise I didn’t miss it. They drink VERY little American whiskey there, the best stuff I saw was Knob & Maker’s.

    • Kelly says:

      I just tried the 12 two days ago and was told only released in Japan

  3. Jonny says:

    Can you give any reason as to why the Old Grand Dad 114 is priced so high in the secondary market? $240 seems like a large jump from the $25 bottle you can easily buy in a store.

    • jsbull says:

      Yes, the current bottle is a Beam product, and not the same as those listed from National Distillers. Those bottles stopped being produced in the early 90’s (I believe).

  4. Rich says:

    The juice from National Distillers stopped at 1987, hence the price discrepancy between old and new Old Grand Dads, Old Taylors, etc.

  5. Joe Blow says:

    Is the BMH 16 the SB or SmB?

  6. David says:

    For the Pappy Van Winkles, do you take into account the years they were bottled? 100% Stitzel-Weller juice compared to a mixture of the ones that were bottled at a later date?

  7. jsbull says:

    That is correct. The pricing assumes 750ml.

  8. Josh says:

    Any idea when the re-launch will be? Is this just an update or an entirely new site?

  9. Dave says:

    Does Gibsons finest canadian whiskey with original seal from 1981 have any value? Thanks

  10. Code24 says:

    Ok. what do you do with rare bottled bourbons with low quantities, do you have an archive? example… I have the first bottling of Rare Breed in the box, I talked to Jimmie Russell and he would like to drink it with me since they only bottled a little over 120 bottles and he really liked it. The other question is how do you value signed bottles… like a Booker Noe 10th anniversary bottle of Booker’s signed and a serial number on it too? thanks for your hard work!

    • jsbull says:

      We can’t price bottles that rare that aren’t transacted often. Value is really in the eye of the beholder. If Jimmy wants to drink a bottle with you, that’s probably as good of a reason as any to open it.

      Signed bottles aren’t worth any more than unsigned typically, unless you find a person who is really into it.

  11. Bpapro01 says:

    Any idea with Old Charter 10 year and Ancient Ancient Age 10 year?

  12. Bpapro01 says:

    What about the Old Taylors? I noticed some are from Clermont,KY and some are from Frankfort.

  13. Josh says:

    Any chance of a refresh soon? 🙂

    • jsbull says:

      Yes, we will be relaunching completely. It will be more automated and there will be additional features. It’s just taking longer to wrap up than we expected.

  14. Josh says:

    You the man JSB!!!

  15. Bob Wake says:

    What you are attempting here ( compiling this info ) is a HUGE undertaking with very far reaching implications!! I wish you the best of luck!!

  16. jeremy says:

    How often is this updated?

  17. Scott Spaid says:

    Thanks for doing this. A great checklist! Looking forward to the refreshed site.

  18. Lord Kevin Danzey says:

    Is there anyone who can put a rough valuation to my Full Leaded Crystal Decanter of Usquaebach Whisky that remains unopened and that has been in my family for around 40 years, It is housed in its original felt box. (86 Proof 750 ml)

  19. David says:

    What would you say the value of the 2014 Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition would be at this point? The single barrel le shows $175, but I would assume the small batch is worth more?

  20. Kent says:

    I have a 5th of Makers Mark Kentucky straight bourbon Whisky, old style sour mash, It has green wax on top. It says Limited edition with a gold round label S IV and a star next to Mark. It from the fourth generation of Samuel family never opened and its is 101 poof. It was a gift to my Dad and he does not drink and I think the bottle is at least 20-30 years old. Would like to know when it was made and since I do not drink I wonder if anyone would like to buy this find. I dont want such a good find to go to waste.

  21. Tracy Ayers says:

    Can you estimate the value of a Wild Turkey Bourbon from 1974?

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  23. Michael says:

    Is there a reason you don’t have the Willett rye and bourbon separated?

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