Airport Security Checkpoints – Special Lines

I’ll write a post about surviving TSA Security Checkpoints soon (you can now find it here), but first I wanted to point out something that every airport should offer: the “Expert Traveler Lane.”

As Murphy correctly pointed out, there’s a 100% chance that the one time you’re late for a flight, the person in front of you in the screening line will be the 30-something mother with several wild children, another in an ERGObaby, more jewelry than Mr. T, 5 carry-ons, 4 full-sized shampoo bottles, 3 computers, 2 knee-high lace-up boots and 1 mother in tow in a wheelchair…partridge in a pear tree optional.

Expert Travelers to the Right

SDF (Louisville, KY) TSA Screening Line

At most airports, you’re just crap out of luck. However, when I traveled to Louisville for Pace last year, I was thrilled to see the sign in the photo to the right: a separate TSA screening line for frequent travelers. This year, when traveling back from San Francisco, I noticed that they offer the same convenience at SFO.

The most surprising thing? People actually seem to respect and follow the rules.  The main line had about 15 people in it and I walked clear to the front of the expert line.

Hopefully this trend will continue to spread and more airports will take their own steps to streamline security screenings. Until then, the best we can do is manage our own routine and take Xanax to keep from flipping out.


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2 Responses to Airport Security Checkpoints – Special Lines

  1. Setsu says:

    I’ve never seen these signs before (though to be fair, when I flew out of SDF the entire airport was empty except for staff.) Have you seen more at other airports recently?

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