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Tips for Asian Travel

A follower of the blog recently asked me to write a post about travel in Asia. As I started writing, I quickly realized that there was waaaaay too much for one post. I decided to spread it across several posts … Continue reading

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My Favorite Travel Tool: TripIt

When it comes to travel, tools can make all the difference in the world. If you’re Bear Grylls, then you don’t need a smartphone, GPS or itinerary, but I’m not that guy…and after the Degree Deodorant commercials, I don’t really … Continue reading

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How to Beat Airport Security

…and by “beat,” I mean survive. I think it’s safe to say that TSA airport security checkpoints are the most stressful part of air travel. However, a lot can be done to streamline the process if you know what you’re … Continue reading

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My First and Last Cruise

I’m completely at home in the air.  On the road, Siri and my TomTom app can conquer most challenges. The high seas, however, are a mystery to me. So when my good friend Christina, an 8-cruise veteran, invited Amy and … Continue reading

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Airport Security Checkpoints – Special Lines

I’ll write a post about surviving TSA Security Checkpoints soon (you can now find it here), but first I wanted to point out something that every airport should offer: the “Expert Traveler Lane.” As Murphy correctly pointed out, there’s a … Continue reading

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