AA Bonus Miles and Discount from Hertz

It’s a company policy that we use Avis for all rentals. Unfortunately, my experience with Avis has been anything but pleasing. It’s inevitable that they will screw something up each time I rent with them. I’m a Preferred member, but my name is almost never on the board. They forget to put the paperwork in my car frequently, causing me to back up traffic. They even try to give me Excursions and Minivans, calling them “upgrades”. The only upgrade for those is the cost of fuel.

So when I noticed this offer from American today, I took notice. With the below codes, you can save 35% and earn 4 miles per dollar spent with Hertz. It’s a nice double dip that’s available until 11/30/12. The codes are: CDP# 217692 and PC# 172745.


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  1. joyce torrence says:

    I usually put it in my bag that I xheck in.

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