A Few Random Travel Pics

This week’s post is a quick one. Here are some things I’ve seen lately that I find humor in.

This lavatory is for women and Big Foot.

Exit Row for bad-asses only. If you need to stand up to use the emergency exit, sit somewhere else wimp.

She's a true Travel Ninja.

This really counts more as a FAIL. I ran across this nice closed bar that never closes when I was in Austin, TX last.

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1 Response to A Few Random Travel Pics

  1. Trey says:

    My friends and I used to frequent Katz’s Deli after long nights of drinking on 6th Street in Austin. It’s a shame that it “klosed” – however, there is a Katz’s Deli in Houston (unrelated ownership) that stays open 24 hours. Great post – roommate and I had a good chuckle about Katz’s indeed klosing when this happened.

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